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SUNDAY, JAN 05, 2003
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Bill Oreilly
Bill O'Reilly.

America's #1 cable TV news commentator, leading radio personality and best-selling author.

BillOReilly.com is Bill's home on the web. Visit us often to keep up with the latest from Bill's No Spin Zone.
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Bill's Articles
Bill's Articles
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O'Reilly Programming Guide
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All About Bill
All About Bill
The #1 rated cable news television program, a coast-to-coast radio show, best-selling books Ė what else is there to know about Bill? When heís not on the air, Bill has hobbies and interests like the rest of us.  Learn More

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Feedback Zone
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Action Arena
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New York Congressman Charlie Rangel says that if we are going to send Americans into harms way, we should bring back the draft. Should we bring back the draft?
 Bring back the Draft!
 No Way! No Draft for me!

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