Meg Williams is a graduate of the Nova Southeastern doctoral program; this site began as support for her dissertation study on a Taxonomy of Media Usage in Multimedia (T-MUM) - it offers a tutorial on her work and background information on the research her work is built on as well as documenting continuing progress of the T-MUM theory.

T-MUM offers a method for consistent interpretation of media usage. This creates a common vocabulary for discussions on multimedia - specifically when discussing any media element's usage within the context of the multimedia environment in which it is presented. Where the real value of a mechanism such as T-MUM can be found is when its common vocabulary is consistently utilized. For example, in the context of standards or guidelines.

To find out more about T-MUM, you may wish to begin by reviewing the T-MUM Tutorial or looking through the T-MUM overview.

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T-MUM development began as part of a dissertation study for
Nova Southeastern University's Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences.